The Center for Freeform Optics
An Industry/University Cooperative Research Center

Verification of cascade optical coherence tomography for freeform optics form metrology

Congratulations Di Xu and Team for their recently publication featuring work funded by CeFO in the very early stages of the project.
Abstract: Freeform optical components enable dramatic advances for optical systems in both performance and packaging. Surface form metrology of manufactured freeform optics remains a challenge and an active area of research. Towards addressing this challenge, we previously reported on a novel architecture, cascade optical coherence tomography (C-OCT), which was validated for its ability of high-precision sag measurement at a given point. Here, we demonstrate freeform surface measurements, enabled by the development of a custom optical-relay-based scanning mechanism and a unique high-speed rotation mechanism. Experimental results on a flat mirror demonstrate an RMS flatness of 14 nm (∼λ/44 at the He-Ne wavelength). Measurement on a freeform mirror is achieved with an RMS residual of 69 nm (∼λ/9). The system-level investigations and validation provide the groundwork for advancing C-OCT as a viable freeform metrology technique.Read More…