The Center for Freeform Optics
An Industry/University Cooperative Research Center

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CeFO Tactics for Center Success:

  • Leadership with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Strong leadership team with dedicated group of core faculty researchers
  • Strong cross-institutional support
  • Key Industry members with deep industrial experience to guide the academic team

The National Science Foundation(NSF) directly supports administration of the Center. The value is graphically illustrated below: the IUCRC program benefits Value
The following member benefits are provided by the Center’s focused acceleration of freeform optical technology and advancement in innovative research and education throughout the supply chain and transferable technology development:

  • access to important new results and technologies
  • take center-funded research results back and strategically implement to reduce cost and time to market for next generation products
  • have continuous advanced training on freeform optics through two annual 2-day workshop and multiple monthly webinars.
  • hear about research related to emerging or competitive technologies, resulting in efficient monitoring and exploration of promising new technologies.
  • enjoy high leveraging factors for their research dollars – between 2 x – 13 x.
  • share ownership of Center IP and have licensing opportunities.
  • work together to define the Center research portfolio.
  • work with fellow members that are suppliers, competitors, and/or customers to define common problems.
  • contribute and have access to the Center-maintained Freeform Optics Technology Roadmap
  • have early access to students as interns and potential employees.