The Center for Freeform Optics
An Industry/University Cooperative Research Center

New Member Thales

CeFO is excited to welcome new member Thales Thales joined us as a guest at the Fall IAB meeting 2017 and we are proud to have them on board. Thales invests heavily in innovation and has a keen interest in the rapidly advancing technology of freeform optics. In particular, Thales is focused on potential applications for aerospace, space, defense and air traffic control. Other areas include transportation, security, secure military communications, and government information networks.

The role of Thales Research and Technology (TRT) is to extend the influence of Thales within the scientific and technical communities, offering a platform for innovation and knowledge sharing, and attracting talented science graduates to build on our acquired expertise. A central objective of the company is to obtain increasingly sophisticated technologies, particularly in detection, analysis and decision-making technology, in order to design and develop critical information systems.