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Biomimetic Polarization Selective Lens

Biomimetic Polarization Selective Lens




Thomas Suleski published a paper, ‘Fabrication and characterization of a polarization selective lens,’ in Optics Letters 37(6), 1088-1090 (2012)




Abstract: Incorporating optical structures on curved lens surfaces can improve performance, consolidate functions, and create novel, miniaturized devices. Although commonly found in biological systems, patterning of micro- and nano-optical structures on curved surfaces is challenging for conventional methods. Previous works have demonstrated the ability to pattern curved surfaces but have done little to create functioning devices. In this Letter, we describe a novel spray-coating technique coupled with interferometric exposure and dry etching to create near-IR wire-grid polarizers on convex lens surfaces. Experimental measurements show extinction ratios of >40∶1 and transmission values of >80%, which are comparable to modeled results of similar polarizers on flat surfaces.

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Spring 2014