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3D Surface Mapping

3D Surface Mapping

Angela Davies co-authored a recent Optics Express paper with collaborators Young-SikGhim, Hyug-Gyo Rhee, Ho-Soon Yang, and Yun-Woo Leeat the Center for Space Optics, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science. The title of the paper is ‘3D surface mapping of freeform optics using wavelength scanning lateral shearing interferometry,’ (Optics Express, 22, 5098-5105, 2014).

Abstract: Freeform optics have emerged as promising components in diverse applications due to the potential for superior optical performance. There are many research fields in the area ranging from fabrication to measurement, with metrology being one of the most challenging tasks. In this paper, we describe a new variant of lateral shearing interferometer with a tunable laser source that enables 3D surface profile measurements of freeform optics with high speed, high vertical resolution, large departure, and large field-of-view. We have verified the proposed technique by comparing our measurement result with that of an existing technique and measuring a representative freeform optic.

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Spring 2014