The Center for Freeform Optics
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Students of CeFO, both undergraduate and graduate, get the opportunity to get educated on various software platforms that include ASAP, ANSYS, CODE V, COMSOL, FRED, LightTools, MATLAB, Rsoft, Virtual Lab and Zemax.

Concept layout of a three-mirror beam path optical system using a novel approach to a multiconfiguration system where M1 can tilt to direct light to separate M2 mirrors (M2a or M2b), after which the light interacts with a shared M3 that can translate an tilt in space. In this illustration, the exit pupil locations are uncompensated. The red rays are for the high-magnification configuration, and the blue rays are for the low-magnification configuration. Link to read the full paper.

Each of the four plots above shows the minimum diffraction-limited volume achievable for a range of full FOV’s at five different EPD values (in mm). The volume is plotted on a logarithmic axis. The diffraction-limit was calculated at λ = 550 nm. A representative optical layout for each SS is shown with an arrow indicating its SS. The precise location of the representative design for each SS is circled on the map in the corresponding SS region. Link to read the full paper.